Hailing from East Kilbride, Scotland, brothers John-Paul and Gary Hughes formed Helicon in 2011.
Described as “doom-mongering behemoths of psychedelic rock”; Helicon embrace the heavier side of the genre with their unrelenting assault on the senses.

Dark, dramatic, acid-drenched and drone-heavy; Helicon are beautiful but scary… like a stripper with a flick-knife.

‘Gehenna’ will be the band’s 8th EP but their 1st on EXAG' Records

As working class men from the West of Scotland… this is a band that knows who they are, what they want to say, and don’t give a fuck.


John-Paul Hughes (Guitar and Vox)
Gary Hughes (Guitar and Vox)
Gary Sharp (Guitar)
Mark McLure (Bass)
Martin MacVicar (Drums)