Leopard Skull is the solo project of multi-instrumentalist Harm Pauwels (Ghent, BE). With influences ranging from the late Beatles to early Brian Eno and Foxygen, Leopard Skull brings an eclectic psych sound that is both captivating and estranging.
With only three songs released in 2014, he was invited to play his debut show at Incubate Showcase Festival (NL). Ever since, Leopard Skull has been continuously active and successful in the local garage/psych scene, as well as been performing at international music festivals such as Lugano Buskers Festival (CH).
In 2017, his first 7'' EP was released on Belly Button Records.Today, Leopard Skull is working on a new chapter with a new live set and a new home recorded album.
For all performances, Leopard Skull counts on a mind blowing live band called The Hunters.


Harm Pauwels
+ live band The Hunters