At the crossroads of music traditions from all around the Mediterranean and psychedelic rock, Phoenician Drive is a six piece band formed in Brussels early 2015 by percussionist Diego Moscoso who gathered musicians coming from very different musical backgrounds (flamenco, balkan, psychedelic rock'n'roll, jazz, post-punk/new wave) in order to make drums and fuzzy guitars meet with oud and Eastern percussions. In the footsteps of earlier East-West musical blendings from the 70's like Erkin Koray or Orient Express, and under the influence of the German "kraut-rock" scene (Neu!, Can, Faust, ...), Phoenician Drive searches the hypnotic trance based on distorted oriental grooves.
So far the band has recorded a few demos, and is focusing now on the recording of a 10” vinyl to be released sprint 2017. They appeared live mostly in Brussels & Paris (Ateliers Claus, Wiels, Atelier210, Espace B), often inviting other guest musicians to add flutes, clarinets or saxophones to the performance.


Diego Moscoso (derbuka)
Matthieu Perrault (bass/vocals)
Martin Rault (drums)
Gaspard Vanardois (oud/banjo)
Joaquin Garcia Bermudes (guitar)
Valerian Meunier (guitar/vocals)