25.8 HOSSEGOR / Coolín Hossegor
26.8 POUZAUGES / Trail-R Jam #9
30.8 RAMONVILLE / Bikini Fest. : Ty Segall, Yonatan Gat, Slift, Les Soldes
31.8 ATLANTIC COAST / Secret Show ∞
1.9 CATACH / Catach Fest ∞
2.9 AGEN / Festival de la Prairie #43 ∞
3.9 LES ISSARDS / Caught By The FUZZ! Fest. : Hubris, Slift, Korto, Denuit ∞
27.9 BORDEAUX / El Chicho
28.9 LORIENT / Le Galion
29.9 ANGERS / Jokerspub-Angers
30.9 RENNES / Bar le Gazoline
1.10 LE HAVRE / Mc Daid’s
2.10 AMIENS / Sombrero Café Amiens
3.10 LILLE / Le Midland , Ex-Select
4.10 BOURG EN BRESSE / La Tannerie
5.10 CHARLEROI (BE) / Rockerill
6.10 REIGNIER / Le Poulpe
7.10 PARIS / La Mécanique Ondulatoire
8.10 LYON / TBA
9.10 LIGURIA (IT) / Imperia
10.10 CHIRAVALLE (IT) / Spazio Rosso
11.10 VIAREGGIO (IT) / Gang of Bicchio
12.10 OLTEN (CH) / Coq d’Or
13.10 BIENNE (CH) / L@Le Le Salopard
14.10 KREUZLINGEN (CH) / Horst Klub
15.10 LUGANO (CH) / TBA
16.10 HELP! (Nice Marseille Montpellier..)
2.11 GENEVE (CH) / La Makhno ∞
3.11 STRASBOURG / Mudd Club ∞
4.11 NANCY / La Machine ∞
5.11 MANNHEIM (AL) / TBA ∞
6.11 ANVERS (BEL) / Cafee cabron ∞
8.11 LILLE / TBA ∞
9.11 ROUEN / Le 3 Pièces Muzik’Club ∞
10.11 BOURGES / Le Saint Bonnet ∞
1.12 TOULOUSE / Le Champagne ◎
2.12 JURANCON / La Ferronnerie ◎

∞ Korto
◎ Titanic, the band

ARTWORK / Pierre Ferrero
Howlin Banana Records / EXAG’ Records / Rat King / YUMMY Truffles Collective


DAVE COCKS ‘Borders’


With their BLACK’EX split series, Exag Records is creating interesting connections between artists from around the world. The concept is to take two artists from two different countries and release their music on a beautiful 10” vinyl. BLACK’EX #1 brings Dave Cocks from Italy (better known as one half of cold wave duo Throw Down Bones) together with French artist Monolithe Noir, who now resides in Belgium. The (not so Italian sounding) artist Dave Cocks created a dark track with the appropriate name ‘Borders’, which now comes with a fascinating video. The release is out today July 19th, order your copy here!

By Subbacultcha

Link :



As far as we know, psychedelic doo-wop didn’t exist as a genre until Okey Dokey started making it.

The Beach Boys grazed the surface during the famously aborted Smile sessions, but they certainly didn’t make it a principle vocation as the Nashville, Tennessee duo do. Composed of guitarist Johny Fisher and visual artist Aaron Martin, Okey Dokey already staked claim to that ground with their first single, “Wavy Gravy“. Their debut album, 2017’s Love You, Mean It proved that the formula worked on a full-length scale.

Today, the band has shared a brand new music video for their latest single, album high-water mark “Low Rent // Blue Skies”. The music video, which was filmed and directed in Austin by local photographer Pooneh Ghana, stars Austin comedian JT Kelley as some sort of misbehaving entrepreneurial cowboy, a banana stand, and Okey Dokey. If that description sounds equal parts awesome and confusing that’s because it is. Watch the music video premiere of Okey Dokey’s “Low Rent // Blue Skies,” below.

By Rory Jones


Link :

BLACK'EX Split Series



Belgian label EXAG Records announce the arrival of their BLACK’EX split series and Backseat Mafia are honoured to provide you with the premiere.

The concept for the series is to take two artists, from two different countries, press on top vinyl and in doing so create connections between artists from around the world, building bridges between countries that otherwise may never exist. EXAG will also accompany the shows with a series of live shows.

#1 brings Dave Cocks from Italy, better known as one half of cold wave duo Throw Down Bones together with French artist Monolithe Noir who now resides in Belgium.

‘Borders’ is the first solo released by Dave Cocks and focuses on his personal journey of fleeing the centre and finding himself at the peripheral. ‘Labegum’ is the result of Antoine Pasqualini’s AKA Monolithe Noir breaking away from old habits and traditional instruments to experiment with sound whilst maintaining an ambience fans have come to know and love.

Through this series, EXAG aim to push the boundaries, disregard genre stereotypes and produce music that everyone will come to know and love.

Order here:

By Le Crowley

Link :




Okey Dokey ‘Either Or, It’s All The Same’ Premiered by Wonderland

Nashville super psych group get weird in new video

Disintegration and rebirth is part of the natural order of things. This statement holds true for Okey Dokey, a Nashville based psych collective made up of the remnants of past and present bands The Weeks, Sol Cat and Morning Teleportation, conjuring up a sound firmly at home in the future.

Their latest offering is the sultry 60’s garage inspired “Either Or, It’s All the Same”. Speaking on the video the boys said “This video came to be when our close friend and guru, Paul, was saying that he had never once been asked to be in a video in all of his years as an industry man. Johny and I obviously felt the need to help him out. What better way than a home invasion! That was all before the joint kicked in and we decided to hit another dimension on the way home.” Be prepared to get very weird.
– Wonderland Magazine

Driftwood Pyre EU tour starts in a week and we’re delighted to see them here! It’s going to be rock’n’roll.

Go and see them and buy a copy of their new “Strangeways EP” out on April 22 at their first show in Toulouse – Disquaire Day!
‘Strangeways EP’ will be available during the tour only so catch them on stage and grab your copie.

22.04 (FR) Toulouse – Connexion Live (Disquaire Day)
26.04 (HR) Zagreb – Klub Močvara
29.04 (AT) Lustenau – Markus’s
03.05 (CH) Biel – Le Salopard
04.05 (IT) Padova – Sub Kult Fest
05.05 (CH) Lugano – Oops Bar
06.05 (CH) Kreuzlingen – Horst Klub
11.05 (FR) Evreux – Smac
12.05 (FR) Lorient – Le Galion
13.05 (FR) Lyon – Amphi 3 boules
14.05 (FR) Le Chambon sur Lignon – La Gargouille
18.05 (BE) Brussels – Via Via Café

OKEY DOKEY – Congenial Man (Official music video)

We’re delighted to announce that Okey Dokey is joining the EXAG’ family and we’ll release their upcoming debut album “Love You, Mean It” early next year! The band new single “Congenial Man” is premiered on GoldFlake Paint

‘Congenial Man’, the latest sneak peek at Okey Dokey‘s forthcoming debut full-length Love You, Mean It, is a sweet, catchy ditty that’s two parts Tin Pan Alley pop to one part electronic music dating from the Ford administration” –Nashville Scene.


First single “Wavy Gravy” was premiered on  American Songwriter Magazine…/video-premiere-okey-dokey-…/