“Ascend” by Celestial Bums is out now!

We’re stoked to announce the debut album of Celestial Bums.

Celestial Bums is a psychedelic rock band from Barcelona, Spain, freshly signed on EXAG’ Records. And we’re glad to present you their debut album “Ascend” produced by Kyle Hunt (from The Black Angels) and recorded by Erik Wofford.
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Stream it here : https://goo.gl/N4r7Jb
Digital : https://goo.gl/UOQtvZ
LP clear vinyl heavy weight 180gr PRE-ORDER: http://goo.gl/Xp7BQM


Release date : June 13

01 : Mind I Don’t Need You Now
02 : Let’s Break The Days
03 : Levitation
04 : Full Moon Nightmare
05 : Sister Of The Road
06 : Gandharva’s Offering
07 : A Spanish Trip
08 : Magic Colors
09 : Killer Of The Road
10 : Like The Planets (digital bonus)


All songs written by Japhy Ryder & arranged by Celestial Bums
Recorded in February 2015 at Cacophony Studios, Austin, TX
Produced by Kyle Hunt & mixed and mastered by Erik Wofford

Japhy Ryder: Vocals, electric guitars, 12 string guitar, keyboards, sitar
Marc Bromway: Electric guitars, bass, 12 string guitar, keyboards, backing vocals
Augusto J. Marchetti: Drums, percussions

“Take Me To Your God” / Driftwood Pyre new single

“Take Me To Your God.” Filmed and edited by the band’s guitarist, Liam Watkins, the video is a trippy companion piece to the stoner rock track. With sights of eyeballs being injected by needles, the video is not for the squeamish but for your inner metal head or psych rock fan, Watkins and company really hit the spot.
Surviving The Golden Age

Premiere: Driftwood Pyre “Take Me To Your God” official music video


Feb 19 Liège (BE) – Le LiveClub
Feb 20 Brussels (BE) – Stellar Swamp Festival
Feb 21 Amsterdam (NL) – Vondelbunker
Feb 22 Lille (FR) – Le BIplan
Feb 23 Paris (FR) – La Mecanique Ondulatoire
Feb 25 Clermont Ferrand (FR) – Le Raymond Bar
Feb 26 Valence (FR) – Mistral Palace
Feb 27 Toulouse (FR) – The Psychedelic Revolution
Feb 28 Vitoria-Gasteiz (E) – Ibu Hots Gasteiz
Feb 29 Donostia – San Sebastian (E) – Dabadaba
Mar 01 Madrid (E) – Costello Club
Mar 02 Laudio (E) – Orbeko Etxea
Mar 03 Bordeaux (FR) – El Chicho
Mar 04 Angouleme (FR) – Le Mars
Mar 05 Limoges (FR) – Psych Fest
Mar 10 Biel (CH) – La Coupole
Mar 11 Breda (NL) – OnderstroomBreda
Mar 12 London (UK) – The Finsbury / Teen Creeps
Mar 13 Plymouth (UK) – The Junction
Mar 14 Exeter (UK) – Exeter Cavern
Mar 15 Brighton (UK) – The Hope & Ruin / Acid Box
Mar 16 Leeds (UK) – Nation of Shopkeepers
Mar 17 Rugby (UK) – West Indian Club
Mar 18 Copenhagen (DK) – KB18
Mar 19 Aalborg (DK) – 1000Fryd


Agent : A Giant Leap : monica.m@agiantleap.net


Driftwood Pyre was born in 2012, in the middle of Minneapolis’ psyche wave, having as founders, Liam Watkins (vocals – rhythm guitar) and Aaron James (bass). Together, they built their own studio and found their distinctive sounds. They were quickly joined by Joe Werner (vocals – guitar) and Courtney Olsen (drums). Later, Marie DeBris (synth) completed the band. Since then, they have been touring, filming clips and recording nonstop.

Now, signed under EXAG’ Records, they are ready to release their much anticipated first eponymous record: DRIFTWOOD PYRE (12’’ LP limited to 500 marbleized vinyl copies).

The record ranges from psyche to “garage” which makes it very rich. A successful whole that allowed them to create their specific sound thanks to a powerful and simple game that hits the target every time. Adjusting perfectly the vocals to the intended style or the desired harmonies, each group member brings his/her own touch and experience to the table, which makes Dryftwood Pyre the fiery band that it is.

In a nutshell, those passionate and talented guys have everything it takes to take over the continent with a great deal of guitar and psyche musings. A blazing sound to listen to on repeat, without moderation!

Release date : November 6

Driftwood Pyre - S / T



01 : Man On A Wire
02 : The Day Nico Died
03 : Comatose
04 : Creation
05 : Take Me To Your God
06 : MAD
07 : Karmaceutical
08 : Keep On Moving On
09 : Paper Petals
10 : Super Moon
11 : Great High Line Heist


Velvet Morning – Gorilla OUT NOW

Velvet Morning – Gorilla LP

Available Digitally and on limited 12” Vinyl
Velvet Morning are set to release their first album Gorilla.
Their debut effort comes out through EXAG/ RIP Records on the 19th of June.

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Producing music that is dipped in physchedilca and subtly experimental, the Essex four piece  have been releasing a series of tracks online throughout the past year. Now newly signed to London based independent co-label EXAG/ RIP Records and all set to release LP Gorilla.

Velvet Morning is the project of 20 year old Samuel Jones accompanied my band members Charlie Carmichael, Chris Richardson and John Kirkwood. Based from all over the seaside towns of the Southend borough,London and Cambridge, taking influence from a variety of psych/rhythm & blues/soul from the last 50 years Velvet Morning comfortably fit in with the surge of new wave  psychedelia.

Gorilla is  a stunning affair, compiled of the 12 first songs written solely by Jones over the past year and a half.  The songs are a product of constant home recordings and the selection of songs recorded live at gigs, each songs carefully chose to compliment each other as an album.  As Jones explains “I wanted to make something as subtly smooth as possible and then build on the songs after. How I saw it in my head was to take something classic sounding and make it sound kind of deranged in the writing process”.

Reviews :

“Velvet Morning’s heavy-lidded musical offerings wouldn’t have sounded out of place in Andy Warhol’s Factory….enveloping psych influences like Jesus & Mary Chain before slinking off on its own honeyed tangent..” Noisey

“Velvet Morning are all about mood, about atmosphere.Sure, there’s plenty of songcraft, of gently hued artistry beneath that sound, but the band really thrive on a certain decadent glamour. Each track passes by slowly, like wisps of smoke from a cigarette.” Clash Magazine

Buy it :
Vinyl : http://goo.gl/jg2fPd
iTunes : https://goo.gl/uSjUKa
Spotify : https://goo.gl/jE0dKb
Amazon : http://goo.gl/OxySqq