New band on EXAG Records : MATERIAL GIRLS (usa)

We’re thrilled to welcome MATERIAL GIRLS on EXAG Records !
Rated Atlanta’s n°1 original band for 2017 by Creative Loafing Magazine, the six-piece outfit featuring members of Slang, Concord America and Chief Scout debuted in late 2016 with just 33 copies of a lathe cut 7-inch record called Funky Frankenstein, and it hadn’t been a year since their first live shows that shook ecstatic crowds with anxious libidinous madness across the southern American States.
Their first single ‘Drained‘ was recently picked by The Line of Best Fit:
“Material Girls explore ’80s goth-rock, cabaret-tinged experimental music, Latin jazz & more, all filtered through the group’s scuzzy DIY punk roots.”

And featured by ThinkBabyMusic :  “These ladies cast their spells with the power of mystery, and a witch’s brew to hone in a ‘desperate and arrogant’ sound. Their swag and theatrics may grab fans by the hair, but their tight musicianship will bitch-slap any doubters.”

IMG_8092-w ©Rick Campbell

Boasting tenebrous bass lines, libidinous horns, snarling guitars, and perpetually rotating vocalists, this sextet has proven that the “rock ‘n roll band” has become a tired algorithm in a world where the populous is scrolling and swiping their lives away, and these six darlings invite you straight into their late night life of sequined gowns, high heels, cheap cherry lipstick and wine-drunk calamity, all mingling together in a glamorous débauché manner.

MATERIAL GIRLS will be playing SXSW next year to promote their first album to be recorded in October this year, the second single ‘Under The Sun’ will follow this first single ‘Drained’, and in the mean time you can go look for a glittering plastic dog collar to wear when they finally bring their madcap live show to your town, it might well be sooner than expected.

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