Milk TV announces a debut album on EXAG’

Milk TV announces a debut album on EXAG’

We are psyched to welcome the Brussels based trio Milk TV.


Milk TV is a punk-pop / no wave trio started in Brussels late 2017 by Frenchman

Matthieu Peyraud already involved as a bass player in the local oriental kraut sextet Phoenician

Drive. It’s the continuation of a previous trio based in Montréal that he had to abort

to migrate back to Europe. Now back on the tracks full on as lead singer and bassist he’s

supported by Martin Rault (Phoenician Drive) on the drums and Casper de Geus (O’Grady,

Moar, Brorlab) on guitar.

The power trio feeds on playground nostalgia, cheep TV programs and a good dose of

post-Reagan cynicism to bring some jerky and raucous pieces of rock music that feel like

Devo, Wire, Sonic Youth & Deerhoof ain’t standing too far in the rear mirror. And you’re

driving your old cousin’s shitty Honda Civic, but you wish it were a DeLorean flying under

the milky-way.


More info really soon, stay tuned