We hope you all went through confined living peacefully and virus-proof as much as possible. At EXAG we were lucky to come across a wonderful yet nonetheless contagious record by Tel-Aviv jazz/rock’n’roll artist Tamar Aphek that recently joined the family.

Today the single ‘Crossbow‘ is coming out, it’s a sharp knife of a rock’n’roll song driven by a steady machine gun evocating bass line and chest-pounding drums. Recorded at Daptone Records in NYC, the song is ironically making sense in the current pandemic context. Indeed Tamar wrote ‘Crossbow’ as a sarcastic song about allowing or maybe encouraging one’s aggressive tendencies towards other human beings, until one has “no where to run” or until “there is no place under the sun”.

Raised to classical music at the piano, Tamar got hooked by jazz and rock’n’roll during her 2-year military service where she would carry her guitar and play it on and on during her night shifts.

Premiere on GouteMesDisques : http://www.goutemesdisques.com/news/article/tamar-aphek-nouvelle-pepite-israelienne-du-rock-indie/

“Tamar Aphek, nouvelle pépite israélienne du rock indie”
“on peut vous garantir que tant son songwriting que la tension latente et permanente qui anime ses compositions sont autant de forces qui nous font dire qu’il faudra compter sur ces Israéliens en 2020.” – Goûte Mes Disques

Ever since she’s been very active in the Isreali indie scene in bands such as ED, Carusella and Shoshana. Her first solo EP ‘Collision’ came out in 2014 and had her tour Europe and the US several times and lately she’s been working on her first LP that she recorded in New York at Daptone Records under the supervision of Daniel Schlett (War on drugs, DIIV).

Tamar’s music is infused with a wide spectrum of rhythms, dynamics, melodies and tones that might be attributed to her four years stay in Egypt through childhood which changed her whole worldview. Thus, composing and writing lyrics to her songs unveils a combination of personal philosophical vision together with day-to-day life experience.

We got hooked pretty much straight away, and we wish you the same.


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Instagram : instagram.com/tamar_aphek/

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