Velvet Morning is the project of 20 year old Samuel Jones accompanied my band members Charlie Carmichael, Jordan Dreadman and John Kirkwood bringing the the young songwriters bedroom recordings to life. Based from all over the seaside towns of the Southend borough,London and Cambridge the group explores languid groove sections, huge melodies and mellow guitar work. Known to take influence from a variety of psych/rythm & blues/soul from the last 50 years Velvet Morning comfortably fit in with the serge of new wave psychedelia. Debut album "Gorilla" released June 2015 on co-production between EXAG' Records and RIP Records


Charlie Carmichael (guitars)
John Kirkwood (bass)
Chris Richardson (drums)
Samuel Jones (vocals/guitars)



PRESS AGENT : Daniel Theo (Theo PR)
RIP RECORDS : Pete Heywoode